Post Bank recruits cryptocurrencies’ experts

Iran's Post Bank calls for participation toward designing and implementing cryptocurrencies

Considering the minister of communications statement about designing the first national Blockchain-based cryptocurrency, the Post bank of Iran published a declaration of recognition and gathering talents and active people in this field (Post bank is an Iranian bank in association with communication systems in Iran.).

Latest comments on cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Breaking news: Post Bank recruits cryptocurrencies' experts

Formerly, M.J. Azari Jahromi, minister of communications and technology, had previously bolded the potentials of cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain as the backbone technology.

“The world is changing and one of the notable changes is the digital currencies. If we do not take the proper action and expect the other authorities to react, the government is sentenced to passivity.” He said.

Minister pulls back!

After several tweets from Azari Jahromi defending this technology, yesterday, he pulled back:

“As changes are occurring in the digital world and laws are getting up-to-date, new laws should be correspond to Islamic laws. It’s a legal issue to pass reports to the Ayatollahs, {those with the highest rank in Islamic Sharia after the prophets and the Imams}.”

Previous warnings from the financial authorities and unprofessional conducts from some journalists has brought uncertainty to the society.

Breaking news: Post Bank recruits cryptocurrencies' experts
Image source: newsbtc

Too early to guess!

Indeed, it is too early to estimate the future of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in Iran. However, we need to wait and track the incoming official announcements and the reactions from the community.

There is no doubt that the world of cryptocurrencies is undefeatable. The more you adopt, the more you earn. Soon or late, all across the globe gets remarkably influenced by the blockchain-based products: Cause, the world is tired of lies and frauds and looks for honesty and transparency.

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