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CoinIran is the first and most popular non-profit Persian news-educational website in the field of blockchain technology and related platforms. CoinIran’s team published the first article, titled What is Bitcoin with the aim of educating and advising Persian speakers interested in blockchain technology and the community around digital currencies all over the world. The Coiniran website was officially launched in January 2014. The mission of the CoinIran team is to provide an educational content platform for awareness and correct use of blockchain technology, which leads to greater prosperity for the entire society. In 2016, a team specialising in blockchain technology took over the management of the website. CoinIran’s activities are regulated by team members in a collective decision-making process.


۱- Covering news and the latest developments about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies

۲- Creating content in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the form of text, podcasts, and videos

۳- Introduction and cooperation with international platforms regarding blockchain

۴- Holding training courses for interested audiences

۵- Providing private advice to investors and companies

۶- Creating different communities in social networks and continuous communication with audiences

۷- Introduction of experts in digital currencies and blockchain technology to companies that need them in their projects and intend to step into the world of blockchain

۸- Consulting and helping Persian-language startups active in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

۹-Offering “Ramzarz” instead of “Arz Digital” for the Farsi-speaking community, which is officially accepted, and people use it

۱۰-Providing educational scholarships in the blockchain field

۱۱-Holding the first blockchain programming training course for Farsi speakers

۱۲-Providing a comprehensive evaluation of Iranian cryptocurrency exchanges periodically

۱۳-Providing security and financial training to maintain the security of users’ assets

۱۴-Release of the first blockchain map of the Persian language ecosystem

۱۵-Holding live video programs to strengthen the communication of Persian-speaking experts

۱۶-Cooperating with Consensys Academy and providing scholarships for students

۱۷-Cooperation with Iran Unchained, Giveth and Gitcoin

CoinIran Services

We are happy to announce that CoinIran has succeeded in creating a network of experts in the field of blockchain technology:


of CoinIran

  • Babak Jalilvand
  • Bahar Alinia
  • Hadi Mahboob
  • Shayan Eskandari

CoinIran Team

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