Binance is no longer available to Iranian users

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has been banned.

Binance which has millions of users worldwide and trades more than 700 cryptocurrencies has been blocked by the Iranian government starting September 14, 2020

Binance is no longer available to Iranian users!

Due to the international sanctions against Iran, Iranian citizens have always been at risk of having their assets frozen. Bainance Exchange, like many other businesses, has repeatedly stated that it is unwilling to engage with sanctioned countries. Iranian citizens have not been able to trade with Iranian IP on this site. However, starting September 14, 2020, the Iranian government has officially blocked access to Binance website and made it unavailable to all Iranian users.

History of Binance and how it works. 

This exchange website does not have a long history, it was opened in 2017, but it grew very fast and surpassed its competitors. The average daily trading volume of Binance is more than $8.3 billion, which means that the liquidity and the number of customers of this exchange are extremely high. Binance is headquartered in Malta with branches through out the world. It is said that the credibility and security of this exchange is much higher than other crypto exchanges currently in market. In addition to have the ability to trade on Binance website, the exchange has special software for both mobile and personal computers that makes trading easy for all users. Users must create an account on Binance website to start buying and selling. Creating this account is completely free and easy and can be done in less than a few minutes.
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