Coiniran Cryptocurrency Exchange Benchmark

The Coiniran Exchange Benchmark was published for the first time in the fall of 2020. The purpose of this ranking was to increase transparency and improve the performance of Iran-based Cryptocurrency Exchanges. The unparalleled response of users and Exchanges to this ranking indicates that we have achieved some of our primary goals. In the latest update of this ranking, we developed our first methodology and evaluated 24 Iranian Exchanges.

In this ranking, a creative methodology has been developed in which Iranian Exchanges have been studied subject to eight different perspectives. With a combination of 80 qualitative and quantitative metrics, a quantitative score and a qualitative mark were considered for each Exchange. We believe that this ranking is a good criterion for identifying Exchanges with lower risks in Iran.

What is Coiniran Benchmark?

This ranking gives each Exchange a quantitative score and a quality mark. Low-risk Exchanges are those that have a score of 70 or higher. Consequently, using them will be less risky.

Exchanges with a score above 60 are considered medium-risk exchanges and, those with a score below 50 are considered high-risk exchanges.

What Coiniran Benchmark is not?

This ranking does not indicate the permanent and inherent superiority of one Exchange over other Exchanges. It also does not introduce a suitable place for investment and user exchanges. The purpose of this study is to increase transparency and improve the performance of Iranian Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Who is the target for this research?

Exchanges according to this competitive Report can improve their services and be informed about users’ preferences and market trends.

Investors by studying this research can consider the investment risk in any Exchange.

Investors who want to set up a cryptocurrency Exchange and need advices.

Service providers, such as insurance companies, law firms and Wallet providers that want to have a better understanding of the quality of Exchanges.

Governments, who want to legislate for this new field or to be better aware of the quality of these Exchanges,

Users which are the primary and final goal of this research and can refer to this ranking to be aware of the quality of their favorite Exchange and identify a suitable place for their risk appetites.

Read the full report here. please share your ideas concerning our report with the research Team.

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