Iran bans website seems to be banned by the cyber committee of criminal content in Iran.

Iran cyber committee of criminal content banned website for national users. That has happened today in spite of former supports from the minister of communications and technology of Iran., Banned!

Iran bans website, cyber police warns
Image Source: is one of the primary wallet providers which is known among the cryptocurrency community all over the world. It also contains a block explorer. Currently, supports major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash. You can buy crypto-assets directly in website and exchange between the three cryptocurrencies mentioned above.

Iran’s young minister, M. J. Azari Jahromi recently stated in twitter and Instagram that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are modern revolutionary tools which need to be taken serious by the authorities.

Post bank calls for talents in cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Iran bans website, cyber police warns
Image Source: Iran Post Bank

As a consequence, Iran Post Bank asked the young and the experienced talents in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology to take part in the first national Blockchain-based project.

Iranian cyber police joins the issue

Iran bans website, cyber police warns
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Despite some warnings from the central bank, everything was going well and optimistic until a serious warning received from Iranian cyber police “FATA”.

“Police should investigate the risks of criminal actions and the challenges for the cryptocurrency users.

Crypto-assets are mined through a fraudulent atmosphere making diverse crimes, such as fraud, money laundry, etc., come true.”

Said Colonel A. M. Rajabi, technical deputy of Iranian cyber police to ILNA news agemcy.

He considered suspension of Iranian accounts by Bittrex exchange as a theft and said “bitcoin is not a safe and sound money. It is used for illegal weapon trading, human trafficking, and drug dealing. Infrastructures for identification verification, supervision of trades, and legal penalties for criminals are required in-order to prevent illegal activities in such markets.”

Iran bans website, cyber police warns
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What happens next?

It is still unknown who is responsible for today’s verdict; whoever they are, it is obvious that Iranians’ concerns linger from inside and outside of the country.

Global exchanges ban Iran’s IP. Iran banns cryptocurrency wallets. Who’s the winner? Of course, the people are not.
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