President Rouhani comments on cryptocurrency regulation
Pouya | 2018-08-09

President Rouhani comments on cryptocurrency regulation

According to an interview with Azari Jahromi (minister of communications and information technology of Iran), president Rouhani has commented on cryptocurrency regulation during the cabinet official meeting.

President Rouhani comments on cryptocurrency regulation

Cabinet meeting/ Source

Although Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has formerly banned cryptocurrency trading, Iran’s ICT minister has been insisting on the benefits of blockchain technology and its pottentials to revolutionize diverse aspects in the country.

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As a result, Iran’s Post Bank invited young talents and cryptocurrency experts in-order to initiate the national cryptocurrency project.

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Yesterday and during president’s cabinet official meeting, Dr. Rouhani has ordered ICT and Post bank to investigate the policies towards cryptocurrency utility.

دستور رییس جمهور ایران در مورد سیاست گذاری در خصوص رمز ارز ها

president comments on cryptos/ Source

During the social affairs and electronic government cabinet’s meeting on July 22, 2018, cryptocurrency mining was recognized as an industry. The potential roles of blockchain in payment systems we’re also investigated.

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However, it is obvious that there are other regulatory sections such as Iran’s “parliament” and “national cyber committee” that are potentially relevant to legislation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Overall, further steps are required for regulation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in Iran.